Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where did El Tigre come from?

These are more panels from the Siggraph presentation.

When Sandra & I started developing the idea for El Tigre, we tried something that we had not done before for inspiration. We usually based our ideas on things we felt knew on a cultural level and liked aesthetically & conceptually. Just to make it hurt more and be a little braver, this time we would base the show on our personal life experiences. At the time we realized that all of our favorite music, films, books, etc... they're all based on real things! Things that happened to the artists & creators.

Growing up in Mexico City, my grandfather was a big military general, and my father was an architect. When I was little, all my aunts and family friends would always say, "You're so much like your grandfather," or, "You're so much like your dad. What are you gonna be when you grow up? Are you gonna be an artist, or are you gonna be a general?" And that's where the dilemma of Manny being a superhero like his dad, or a supervillain like his grandfather, came from.

Same thing with my grandfather. I'd go visit him, and his office looked like a supervillain's lair, with all this crazy stuff in there.

And that's how I saw them, as a kid. I'd go to my dad's office, and he'd draw me whatever I asked him to draw, and it just seemed like he had superpowers.

So the world in El Tigre is how we remember the Mexico we grew up in
as kids.


Owen Flanagan said...

The artwork on el tigre is absolutely fantastic i hope you will post alot more.

Mukpuddy said...

Awesome dude, can't wait for more!!!

WJC said...

Man, i'm really excited i've found this blog. I love your art and LOVE El Tigre.

WJC said...

Man, i'm so excited i've found this blog. I love your atwork and i LOVE El Tigre.

Jonathan Alejandro said...

Y terminaste siendo artista como tu papá, así como El Tigre probablemente terminará siendo súper héroe como su viejo.

Die.Go said...

Wow un Blog original XD de: El Tigre.
Hey tu caricatura esta demasiado genial Frida y Manny son lo máximo XD. Gracias por sacar a la cultura mexicana adelante/ por darla a conocer a más personas. Espero que creen muchos capitulos más.
PD.¿Dónde puedo conseguir la fuente para la letra de El Tigre?

Adele K Thomas said...

Thanks so much for putting the contents of your creative brain on display for El Tigre. Ive never seen an episode being in Australia and I dont have cable...but I enjoy just looking at it!