Thursday, July 31, 2008

Animation World Network interview

A few days ago the amazing Andrew Farago (curator of San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum & the creator of The Chronicles of William ) interviewed me while I rambled like a baboon for AWN about El Tigre and other past work.


juako said...

nice interview, really interesting

Fulanita said...'s like I'm right there next to you. Wait a minute...I was!

Mark Ackland said...

NAFTA kids!

...sorry I can't get it out of my mind!

Dustin said...

Great interview. Really liked the Maggie picture in there, too. It's like two of my favorite cartoons pushed into ONE!

Conrad Vernon said...

Thanks Jorge!! That is a definite compliment coming from someone who's show I LOVE the look of. A very good friend of mine is your composer. Shawn Patterson. Isn't he a peach. Again, thanks for the compliment. Your show is beautiful!!